View Full Version : Sterling Pond + Elephant Head Trails

06-13-2009, 07:15 PM
13 June, 2009

Trails in excellent shape. Sterling Pond Trail from top of Smuggler's Notch to the pond is a pleasant (and very busy) trail. Stone steps at the start are low rise. This is a perfect trail for parents and children with a clear objective - Sterling Pond, maybe the shelter - where one can spend time with kids following their curiousities.

Elephants Head trail around the pond is a bit muddy, but quite passable.

No special equipment needed.

Quit counting at 60 people and 7 dogs. Also hiked down the LT to Elephants Head vista (sometimes closed for nesting raptors at this time of year - so signs of such this year). We first hiked this section with a 10-month-old in a backpack 32 years ago chasing our 4-year-old up to the pond. Saw four babes in backpacks on dad's backs today.