View Full Version : Waterfalls, Tully Trail & Metacomet Tr 6/28

06-30-2009, 07:14 PM
Trail conditions: Wet and slippery Waterfalls - Doane's and Royalston were flowing mightily! Doane's had more water flowing then I ever remember. Great!

Trails taken: From Newton Cemetery on the Tully Trail to Royalston Falls and then followed the Metacomet a short distance into NH to the beaver pond area that I had visited with Audrey, Pat and Clio a few years ago. The beaver lodge was still there, but the beavers didn't make an appearance. Checked out Doane's Falls from the parking area at Chestnut Hill Road.

Special equipment: Hiking pole Went through a very wet area going down to Royalston Falls.

It was great to get out into the dampish woods; only saw a garter snake for wildlife and met three people.