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07-02-2009, 11:26 PM
Date of hike: 7/2/09

Conditions: Started from Kidney Pond, and the trail was just about as wet as I've ever seen a trail. Sometimes walking over ankle-deep was unavoidable. The trail was a running stream and the trees were all soaked. Other than the wetness, the going wasn't awful until the very steep section at the top. Wet slabs at a 45' angle aren't fun. Some parts were extremely difficult to get up since we had no grip to speak of with all the wetness. Two of us in the party nearly fell a couple times, which would have been bad news.

Upon reaching the summit, soaking wet (even though it didn't rain) we conferred and decided to go down via Nesowadnehunk Field, in spite of the fact that we didn't spot a car and it's an eight mile walk back. The ascent was so bad we figured we'd rather deal with the road walk than return the way we came up.

The north approach was mostly dry, not steep, more gentle, and in perfectly good shape. Got down in an hour and a half. We should have gone up that way. As for the road walk, we managed to thumb a ride most of the way back.

Special equipment: If doing the south approach, waterproof boots and even gaiters, rain gear, and an adventurous spirit. From the north approach, nothing needed beyond just bug spray. The mosquitoes were thick but DEET actually works on those, unlike blackflies.

- Chris

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