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07-11-2009, 07:10 PM
11 July, 2009

Whole trail is as advertised. The notch trail from Success Pond Rd takes less than an hour, even for seniors - gentle, wide, great treadway, if few blazes.

The notch hasn't changed much. (The moose bones seem to be disappearing with each passing hiking season.) Mahoosuc Arm is relentless - 1700 feet in 1.7 miles. (One hiker asked if trailbuilders who use switchbacks in northern New England might have been fired.) May Cutoff and Speck Pond Trail are also easy to follow. The tongues of forest harvesting that had to be crossed a few years ago, are giving way to low brush and some berry bushes.

Six hours 10 minutes to the loop using one car, hoofing it back along Success Pond Rd to the car. A dozen campers from California, 9 other people and one dog encountered. One through-hiker (The Wizard) was encountered - he left Springer on 1 March, hopes to finish by 1 August.

Kudos to the MATC trail crews!!

Fourfingers and Screwloose