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07-11-2009, 09:01 PM
Hey--i'm looking to do N Pogy (sorry for wrong title) in Baxter next month and seeking advice--I know RS has been up there and have e-mailed him for advice, but would also appreciate any info you might have re

1)using "old" or "new" Wassataquoick Trail?( length tradeoff for better trail conditions)
2)taking 2 days or doing a (for me) someone epic one day
3)line from W leanto to N Pogy top you found "best", etc--

edited for thanks to RS & JP for help


07-12-2009, 10:22 AM

RS and I did both N and S peaks from LWL a few years ago. I threw in nearby L Mtn for good measure. RS will probably give you more details but it was overall a pretty fair bushwhack. Getting to S is easy via old road if you can find it early enough. Heading to N was thicker at times but hardly epic, as I recall. Don't miss the tool museum and views down to WL. We could not find any remnants of what Roy what looking for on N. I found some fun treasures on S and L, though.

I think it's worth doing as an overnight. We used a quite old approach to get to LWL, which was both unnecessary and probably the hardest part of the trip but we great fun!

07-12-2009, 11:28 AM
S-many thanks

....was too late in evening or maybe too tired from previous 2 days, but of course i meant to say N Pogy only, not South

...i've been in the "old" trail as far as dead north of Center and understand what you mean by it's condition-lots of sizable blowdowns early on as i remember and it was very wet and trail iffy in at least one area near the bog/little flows before Center--that aside, it sounded as if the "old" trail section just before S Branch of Trout Brook was even wetter, with bridge gone and trail iffy, perhaps unfollowable-that said, i think the "new" trail is 3.6mi longer one way and neither John nor Roy seem to be big fans of it--interesting choice, especially if i try to dayhike North P

we'll see and thanks again


07-13-2009, 06:50 PM
We could not find any remnants of what Roy what looking for on N.

The old fire tower was on S and we didn't find it there either :-)

I don't hike as fast as Spencer on trails so could not have done both as day trip on new trail but could have on old trail. But it was worth spending 2 days for the chance to hike with him.