View Full Version : Mt SNOW (Chain of Ponds)

07-14-2009, 06:38 AM
Date of Hike: 07/10/09
Weather: Clear and Sunny

Road to Parking Area: great shape, not even one mud hole :) All three bridges were in good condition.

ATV Trail: first 2 miles from parking area is a easy grade all the way to the pond. Mud holes weren't bad to navigate around or rock hop. But this will all change after reaching the 2 yellow metal signs at the pond. From here to where the foot path turns right off the ATV trail (75 yards) is one long MUD HOLE and under a couple inches of water.

Foot Trail to Summit: WET and Slick, numerous blow downs :( Most of them you can go around or over. Bugs were out in full force, swarms of them:eek: even on the summit.

Summit: Nice views from top of ladder on abandond fire tower and at lookout just prior to summit, we ate lunch in a hurry because of black flies then departed sooner than we wanted to.

Special Equipment Required: DEET, DEET, DEET. WATERPROOF Boots, Hiking Poles.