View Full Version : Camel's Hump Loop via Monroe & LT

07-21-2009, 06:01 AM
This past weekend did loop from Camels Hump State Park. Up Monroe around to Long Trail on the north side. Over the hump, down the LT going south to Wind Gap. On the Dean past Hump Brook tenting area and back to the Monroe to the car.

Lots of hikers all the way. Monroe fairly dry and easy to travel. Some wet, slick rocks between the Alpine and the LT. Overcast and very chilly at the top (49 degrees the themometer said). The views were fairly good, easy to see both the NY and NH close in mountains and very nice views north and south. The LT from the top down the tree line was dry, but muddy with slick rocks below the trees except for some ledge above Montclair Glen/Wind Gap.

All in all, a nice day trip.