View Full Version : White Cap, Kenn. Divide 7-25-09

07-26-2009, 04:19 PM
Date of Hike: Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did a SE approach via Bear Brook Rd. Very good news, there's HEAVY logging activity on Bear Brook. Thus we were able to drive almost the entire length of Bear Brook Road, saving many miles of roadwalking. We parked at elevation 2450 (forgot to record odometer reading. I'd estimate it to be about 4 miles from the truck turn on Wiggle Brook Rd). I don't think a sedan would cut it on the road due to the ruts and mud but I'd say any SUV, jeep, or truck should be able to make it to 2450 or even to the end of the road about 0.5 mile further along (though it's a little rougher at the end). We took the old woods road up to the end E,SE of White Cap where an orange ribbon marked where to jump into the woods. Decent herd path led us straight to the summit. Careful on return, the road ends ~100 feet north of the ribbon so don't overshoot! Very thick stuff on both sides of road, but not terrible en route to summit.

Kennebago Divide: returned on same road to about 3200 (N,NE of Kenn Divide summit), sliced along contours to hold elevation and approach summit from NE--not an advisable approach. On return we went a little more east and hit a great old woods road at 3250 (road is on my Mapsource map. Road runs in general north direction on east side of summit until making sweeping east then southeast towards the old road taken in AM to White Cap. Road is somewhat visible on google earth).

Condtions. Tim Pond Road is, well it gets you to where you need to go. Wiggle Brook is in good shape. Bear Brook is very muddle with moderate ruts, 4wd not necessary but helpful. Old road up to White Cap quite wet and boggy in places but gaiters worked fine.

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