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08-03-2004, 08:25 PM
Anybody been up there lately? I hiked up the herd path a number of years ago, but am fuzzy on the details. Is the herd path evident from Luke Glen Road? How far in does the herdpath go? I do remember the wonderful views and the tall cairns and am itching to go back.

08-03-2004, 08:27 PM
Spence, Brian and I, and probably some others are doing Jay and bushwack over to Jay on Saturday during the ADK gathering in a couple of weeks if you'd like to join us.


08-03-2004, 08:31 PM
I'm probably going to try it this weekend if the weather cooperates and allows for good views.

08-03-2004, 08:54 PM
Nancy and I were up there the last time she was here - the "path" is pretty much a trail - pretty hard to lose. Very nice route, can't miss it once you find the start. I don't remember the names of the roads but it starts at an intersection, I remember that... let me know if you need a more graphic description.

08-04-2004, 06:43 AM
The "true" summit of Jay Peak is not the one that shows on current maps. Actual top is a point quite a ways away on an older quadrangle.

Explorer Editor
08-05-2004, 03:46 PM
I was up there recently. The herd path is very easy to follow.

08-05-2004, 08:09 PM
The trail starts from the T-intersection with the Luke-Glen Road. Look for a ribbon or paint near a state land poster. It is located at the top of a sandy hillside. The trail takes you all the way to the end of the Jay Ridge, which is the true summit of the peak-a cairn marks the top.

This is one of my favorite hikes, the vistas and open rocks are breathtaking. You should return in the winter, it's even better.

08-06-2004, 12:33 PM
I was there this spring. It is a great hike with amazing views. I found the start of the path just above the T. You can see where others have parked their cars on the side of the road. I drove by it the first time. Once on the path it is very easy to follow.

08-09-2004, 07:17 PM
We had a great hike on Saturday. Beautiful views up the open ridge, then the low clouds moved in on top of us when we stopped for lunch, only to leave again as we started back. We stopped to eat our fill of blueberries and to pick more for pancakes in the morning.

We got out in time to miss the threatening clouds and intermittent rain. It was nice to hike on a mud-free trail for a change of pace.

A beautiful route.

Watch out for the sandy soil on the side of the road - a pair of hikers that we met while picking blueberries said they tried to park near us and almost got swallowed up by the sand.

08-11-2004, 08:50 PM
We've lost more good hikers that way.:eek: