View Full Version : Abraham, Saddleback, the Horn

08-16-2009, 03:14 PM
8/13/09: Abraham from the Fire Warden's Trail, out and back: we felt this trail was fine except for a few wet areas, crossings no problem; a wedding was going to take place just as we left the summit area..luck should be with them cleared up before the wedding great views ..Honeymoon Ale also at truck! On approach to the trail head from Kingfield, after crossing the two bridges, stay right, not left. Went up to where the trail crosses the rocky road to the right of the trail head..spider webs galore..
8/14/09: Saddleback and the Horn on the AT, out and back..made good time to Eddy Pond, good footing until you run into the rocky and muddy sections near the ponds...good conditions to Saddleback summit..one real deep mud bog towards the Horn, hikers had bypassed..soon priscilla will have her NE67 with steamers and lobsters.....regards, lefty