View Full Version : Bald Mt. Oquossoc 8/4

08-18-2009, 11:17 AM
Bald Mt. remains a favorite annual hike for my wife and me. However, the pressure on this trail and the spring rains has made an already very poor trail even worse. It is probably the most eroded trail I have ever hiked. I'm shocked there has never been any maintenance on it in at least several years. There might be two waterbars on the entire length and no elevated logs for the wet crossings. This is a very bad situation that is only going to get worse. To make matters worse, you have several families who are climbing and many are tourists in Teva's and white tennis shoes.

This trail absolutely needs to be re-cut from the trailhead to where it starts to rise steeply. It certainly is a major undertaking, but could be accomplished over a two year period.

It looks like somebody has vandalized the sign at the trailhead. There used to be a map, warnings on the near-by shooting range, and that the trail is very wet and muddy, but it has been stripped of all. It should be replaced and a sheet of plexi-glass screwed over to protect it in the future. At the top, one of the picnic tables has been vandalized and lays in a wreck of lumber.

Hopefully, a volunteer might for the mountain might read this and take some action as I have no idea who to contact.