View Full Version : Mansfield via Sunset Ridge and LT - 08/30/09

08-31-2009, 07:57 AM
Trail Conditions: Trail and rocks were generally wet, including on the ridge. Lots of running water over slabs requiring caution.

Special Equipment Required: helmet for Tuco, who bumped his head twice on some overhanging rocks during uphill scrambles while on the ridge. Wind layer helpful for me near and at the summit.

Comments: Great views from the ridge, although fog rolled in just in time for us to summit :rolleyes: Overheard a guy who used the following motivational statement to his tired and angry teenaged son: "Those old guys are going to make it to the summit, so you should too". I declined commenting to him that we had already done Camel's Hump earlier in the day. :rolleyes:

Anyway, my pal Tuco is now at number 66 of 67 :cool:

Thanks for driving, Tuco. Look forward to hiking with you soon.:)

Marty and Tuco