View Full Version : Wadleigh Brook Trail

09-15-2009, 05:16 PM
Trail is rarely used (northern section of BSP) - but easy to follow - well blazed, good footbed when you can see it. Big issues shortly after the Blunder Bog/Pond logging road crossing the area where the trail once was was obliterated by clear cut logging ops. Trail could not be found. LarryD and I had to reevaluate our goal of getting to the Hudson Pond Shelter - after some attempts to find a brook to follow we decided to bushwhack into the forest just west of the logging road split to the east of the trail. We took a 280 degree heading and hit the trail after about 15 sightings off we hit the trail!! I was pretty psyched - but not for long - we hit a crazy beaver dam detour that went about a 1/2 mile thru thick spruce - at least it was flagged. We actully ran into Jensen the Park Director on our way out from the Frost Pond the next day and he assured us that he would get a crew up to remark the trail - the Beaver's on the other hand...;)
Great remote trail if you are looking for a quality 2-3 day backpack this is it!