View Full Version : Cupsuptic Snow, White Cap, N. Kennebago Divide

10-05-2009, 02:21 AM
Date of Hike: 10/3-10/4/09

Trail Conditions: Conditions were excellent, though the weather was terrible. A small amount of snow was in the trees on 10/3, but had melted by 10/4. Ground was not frozen yet. Snow and Whitecap required little real bushwhacking, as there were very well-defined her paths. NKD required more "duck and thrash" technique initially and then the herd paths became more obvious.

Special Equipment Required: Compass, GPS, waterproof map, 4 wheel drive.

Comments: Took the standard route up Snow from the height of land on the north side. Used 4wd to go approximately 1/2 mile up the double-track toward the peak to avoid bird hunters along the road.

To get to White Cap and NKD, we crossed the bridge onto Wiggle Brook Rd, then took an immediate right to follow the logging road up the east of the ridge. We made it exactly 4 miles. 4WD is necessary to get more than about 1 mile up the road. White Cap was easy to find. Dropped back down to 3200' feet on the old woods road to pick up the trailway to NKD. More navigational thought was required on this one and the trees were thicker. Generally followed a compass bearing at 220 degr. and eventually connected with herd paths on a bee-line to the summit. Overall, the eastern approach worked very well. Only 5.5 miles RT to get both peaks.