View Full Version : Thx for help.. newbi does breakneck ridge

08-15-2004, 06:36 AM
Thx to all who provided help.. Papa Bear.. I did go up the trail at the tunnel,, not only was the view breathtaking but it took my 5 minutes of catching my breath.. Mark.. I got the new map and went from the tunnel up breakneck ridge stopped at the wooden platform at sunset point and went to the South beacon mtn like Ken suggested... It was rusted out and i only went up 3 steps for the view before the wood cracked on me.. about 1/2 dozen hawks catching a vent up there.. my buddy Hiky (I'll call him "Marboro man" ) got there in 6 hours, we spent 1/2 hour for lunch at the platform.. We then took the easy way down because i was nervous about the weather coming and took Notch down and walked 2 miles to our car..

John... you were right.. it was a butt kicker for me and my friend but we took our time and did one foot in front of the other.. only used my poles on notch on the way down... We needed more water.. I had 3 litters and my frien 1 1/2 litters.. i gave him 1/2 litter and got some water on the way down at the stream.. treated with iodine.. so far i'm ok... pigged out in cold spring on steak. brews and ice cream! Did slide mtn in catskills last week, breakneck this week, am i ready for joinning the ADK trip next weekend?... thx to all.. happy trails!

Papa Bear
08-15-2004, 08:36 AM
Great going coldfeet. Sounds like you had a great time, and the weather obviously held up.

Sorry to hear about the fire tower. I havn't been there in some years.

Now there'll be no stopping you!

Pb :)