View Full Version : Mt. Everett - Race Brook Trail to AT - 10/25/09

10-25-2009, 07:15 PM
Date of Hike: 10/25/09

Trail Conditions: Very wet and muddy up Race Brook, the AT to Mt Everett was very wet. The first water crossing wasn't too bad, the 2nd was tough (a group of six turned around here). One guy who helped us across said he has never seen it that high. Crossing back over it on the way down seemed a lot easier, although it was still a little dicey.

Special Equipment Required: Poles very helpful today since the trail was pretty wet and the water crossings were a little challenging.

Comments: Finally a fall foliage hike on the weekend. The weather was perfect and the Berkshires were just a touch past peak, but still magnificent. Saw a few people on the way down, but pretty much had the trails to ourselves. Great views west and south.

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