View Full Version : Jay/Big Jay Via LT @242

10-26-2009, 08:52 PM
Special Equip: Rain gear, gators

Conditions: Overcast at start windy in Jay Pass. Summit socked in with fog, mist and intermittent heavy rain, howling winds. Summit temps 35 to 40F. Trail became a stream bed at about 2800 feet.

Jay Peak was as windy as usual. This was my forth time on this summit, once in each of the four seasons, wind, wind and more wind as usual. We were able to hunker down out of the wind for a power snack. It took us a little while to find the herd path to Big Jay but we did locate it, should I say, Dave M (Gadget) located the path. This route is no longer a bush whack as I experienced back in '98 and is a clear cut trail by evidence of recent chain saw activity. The low lying areas are pretty much quagmires under the conditions we experienced. I was surprised to see the canister has been replaced by a mason jar of sorts and there was now a rescue litter. I assume that is for errant skiers that get into trouble. Last visit before us was 10/23. Last time I was at Big Jay I returned with 50 or so black fly bites, even with a healthy dose of deet. Nice to know being soaked to the bone felt better ;) We spent the night down at Jay Camp under the pounding of rain on the shelter roof all night. However, recent work on the shelter made our night nice, dry and comfortable. The GMC needs to be given tremendous credit for thier efforts on the work they are doing, not only on the shelters but the trails themselves. The Vermont GMC does the best work, hands down. THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks to "Gadget" for another great hiking trip and as always keeping it lose out ther no matter what the conditions!!!

Redwood 158/200