View Full Version : Dorset via whatever trails I could find.

11-29-2009, 02:17 PM
Date of Hike: 11/29/09

Trail Conditions: Drove as far as my Subaru would carry me via Dorset Hollow / Tower Road which wasn't very far. Followed a rough logging road with snow starting at 1700 Ft that was 4-5 inches at the 3000 Ft Col. Spirits lifted as I encountered a trail merge and was able to follow the tracks of a 4 wheeler to the height of land between Dorset and S Dorset. 8-10 inches of snow in the col as I followed moose tracks to the summit canister.

Special Equipment Required: Barebooted the entire trip was glad to be wearing my winter gaiters.

Comments: - Dozens of blowdows from yesterdays winds / snow. A beautiful day toe be in the woods.

Your name: HockeyPuck / Trevor