View Full Version : Oak Hill/Tophet Chasm in Littleton, MA

Bill Jenczyk
01-09-2010, 01:45 PM
This write up describes the Tophet Chasm trail and then the perimter trail around the property. The fire road leading to the Tophet trail is plowed and well packed down. I wore spikes through the entire walk and never really needed them. The Tophet Chasm trail is packed down but loose. It looks like there has been a fair amount of walking traffic but not so much as to make it icey. I went down to the floor of the chasm, and there have only been a few hikers in there. In some places I broke trail, in others followed someone else's footprints.

There were only a few footprints heading up out of the chasm, but then the trail along the gas line is fairly well packed down. The rest of the perimeter trail has been walked, but with only light traffic.