View Full Version : Mt. Wachusett 2 17 10

02-17-2010, 07:30 PM
Trail Conditions: About 8 inches of new snow, more (up to 14 inches) or less in some spots because of drifting. Broke out the Jack Frost Trail, which was tricky on the steep section because the wind had plastered the trees and covered the blazes with snow. This trail has a lot of rocks and talus where snow was hiding holes between, a concern given the sidehill. Snowshoes and poles essential here. Mountain House, Harrington, Semuhena, Stage Coach, Echo Lake, and roads now broken out.

Equipment: Most trails could be bear booted, but I used snowshoes and was happy with the choice, keeps the trails in better shape beside. Gaitors a good idea, as are poles.

Comments: A lesson learned: after a fresh snowfall it can be hard to find a trail, even one you have hiked before in summer. Perhaps not a big deal on Wachusett but a nice dose of humility for bigger White Mountain adventures. Wachusett was absolutely gorgeous today after the recent snowfall, felt like I was much further north with out the drive.