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03-06-2010, 04:11 PM
Date of Hike: March 6, 2010

Trail Conditions: frozen ground early, then thawed, 50 degrees, sunny, minor puddles

Comments: This is a favorite RI hike. There are two loop trails both blazed blue, one in Coventry and one in Foster, with a yellow-blazed connector trail between the two loops. If you do both loops, the whole hike is 7 miles over rugged hilly terrain, with streams, boulders, and historical artifacts along the route. There are two parking lots to choose from on Maple Valley Road in Coventry; the uphill lot (#1) just East of Route 102 has an orange-blazed trail leading to the Coventry Loop. This is a Rhode Island Audubon sanctuary, so it is safe for hiking even during the winter hunting season from the second Saturday in October to the last day of February. A good resource by the late Ken Weber is Weekend Walks in Rhode Island (the previous edition was called Walks & Rambles in Rhode Island). Or contact RI Audubon Society.

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