View Full Version : Acadia: Penobscot, Sargent, and the Bubbles

03-21-2010, 12:17 AM
Date of Hike: 3/20/2010

Trail Conditions: Mostly dry rock with a few small patches of snow, all of which were no more than 40' long and supported my weight.

Special Equipment Required: T-shirt, as it was rather warm.

Comments: Beautiful first day of spring bare-boot hike, though bare-booting isn't really a novelty this year. I saw about 15 other hikers out there today, all of whom commented on the spectacular weather.

Note: You will have to take Rt. 3 down to Seal Cove and then take the Jordan Pond Rd. to the Jordan Pond house if you wish to start there, as all access points to the Park Loop Road are closed. The normal winter access point, the Schooner Head Road, is closed at Otter Cliffs, so that isn't an option for getting to the Jordan Pond House.

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