View Full Version : Mt Grace: Round the Mtn, Fire Road, M-M

05-23-2010, 04:24 PM

Trail Conditions: Clean dry and easy on the way up using Round the Mountain (mtn bike trail) and then the Fire Road. Took Metacomet-Monadnock north-bound down the mountain. Mostly clear and really easy walking. Huge tree down by the Adirondack shelter, but easy to get around. Another tree down directly on top of the trail further down, easiest to skirt around to the left side. Took the Round the Mountain trail back parallel to Rt 78. Can be hard to follow when you get to an old logging trail. Do not cross the bridge to the left, stay right.

Special Equipment Required: Bug spray! It was pretty buggy. We also used poles but not necessary unless you have a bum knee like I do.

Comments: If you hate crowds and like Fire Towers, this is a nice short hike in the middle of nowhere. 40 minutes up, maybe 90 minutes down on the long loop.

Hikers: SonOfGrumpyGran and LAC