View Full Version : East Kennebago Mt, Saturday 22May10

05-23-2010, 06:34 PM
We followed the directions in the Maine Mountain Guide to the parking area. Tried to go futher up the 4x4 trail with the Jeep but decided not to cross the second washout. I know we could have made it but why risk it.
Hiked the easy 4x4 path all the way to the yellow marker. Turned left at marker and followed Boundary Line to about 3300 ft, it started to go down hill after that. Backed up 100 foot or so to herd paths going up. Started Bushwhack from here. Lots of blow downs and thick spruce. Pretty much hiked on moose poop all the way to the top. We came out about 50 ft to the right of the cannister :D The weather changed from clear skies to black clouds and rain on the summit. So we didn't stay long, signed the log and decended quickly.
There are several blowdowns on the 4x4 trail and Boundary Line you will have to get around other than that, its fairly easy all the way to the start of the bushwhack at 3300 ft.
The hardest part of this hike was the swarming BITING BLACK FLIES, if you stopped for 10 seconds or more they were all over you. Once you open the doors after parking the fun begins :eek:

Special Gear: Long Pants, Bug Spray
Langtown Road: Good Condition, couple of wash outs to navigate around.