View Full Version : Crawford Notch-Pinkham Notch and Mt Adams hikes - times?

09-16-2004, 05:30 PM

A friend and I are tentatively planning on doing two hikes in the Whites at the end of September and I was trying to get an approximate time it might take us to do each (we're in pretty good physical condition and are not new to hiking):

1. Crawford Notch to Pinkham Notch via Crawford Path, Mt Washington, Tuckerman

2. Mt Adams from Appalachia via King Ravine return Air Line

Trying to make sure we leave early enough to get back before dark - shuttle from Pinkham to Crawford arrives at 9:15am (a bit later than I want and am wondering if that leaves us enough time).


09-17-2004, 06:17 AM
By coincidence, I hiked the Crawford Path from the trailhead to Mt. Washington a few weeks ago. It took 6 hours. From there, I hiked down the Jewell trail in 4 more hours, the time to Pinkham Notch should be about the same. Bring headlamps just in case, the hike down from Hermit Lake can easily be done at night.

I also did King Ravine from Appalachia to Mt. Adams earlier this year, returning via the Israel Ridge trail, Randolph Path and Brookbank. I think that took 10 hours, going down Airline would probably save a couple of hours.

A nice option would be to descend Airline to treeline, then take Upper Bruin to Valley Way to Lower Bruin to Brookside and follow Snyder Brook back to Appalachia. The Brookside follows the brook through a nice birch forest.

09-17-2004, 11:32 AM
This past Sunday I climbed Adams via Airline - bottom to top.
I descended via Israel Ridge, Gulfside, Airline Cut-off, Airline, Scar, Valley Way, Beechwood Way, & Airline. 9.8 total miles per the 'book'.

Took just over 8 hours with plentiful but short stops for food and water. This was my first hike of much substance all season. So you can calibrate your hike based on that plus the King Ravine headwall factor.

Speaking of water..I was able to refill at Madison Hut. However, the hut will be closed for 2004 after this Sunday 9/19. The best natural flow I saw near the hut was either right near the front door, or since you're descending Airline, there was good flow just a few yards into the scrub on Airline Cut-off.

If you have clear sky, also calibrate for ample time to stop often and take in the many and massive views.