View Full Version : Goose Eye/Carlo Col Sunday May 30, 2010

05-30-2010, 07:14 PM
Goose Eye Trail:
Had a GREAT time going up this wicked steep trail. Only saw a small patch of snow near the top. Rocky scramble before the summit is a hoot. Trail over to Carlo Col in awesome shape. Diapensia not blooming yet. A treat to finally be on Goose Eye on a sunny day!

Hoped to continue across to Success Mntn and down Success Pond Tr but Terra's strong objection to the last lift up through the bouldery climb sent her running back down to Carlo Col. Being that it was a wonderful day, it wasn't worth the effort to force her onward and we opted to head down Carlo Col.

Carlo Col Trail: is a disgrace. Nearly clear cut top to bottom. I can't believe its the same trail I see in pictures from the early 2000's. Opted to follow logging road all the way to Success Pond Rd. Hike ended as most Maine adventures do, riding in the back of a pickup truck down Success Pond Rd, driven by a nice elderly couple from Maine. :)

9 miles +/- (depends on if you believe AMC or MATC signs), 4 hr 25 min, ~3000 ft gain.

Happy Trails. :p