View Full Version : Old Speck and Whitecap via western side Grafton Loop Trail

05-31-2010, 07:14 PM
dates 5/28-5/29

Dry trail from start to finish.

Parked at southern trailhead and hitched an easy ride up to AT crossing and hiked the grafton loop north to south (the way to go!!) Lots of parking space at both lots.

Lots of blowdowns from Old Speck to Sunday River Whitecap, some with paths being formed around them. Moved some on trail up to Old Speck.... one large blowdown patch between Old Speck and Slide, (on the smaller unnamed peak before Slide) Have to keep your eyes open for where the trail goes in that spot! The trail to slide mtn. campsite is blocked with blowdowns (partially covering the sign to it)

Great loop hike! Hiked the Eastern portion years ago, finally got around to this beautiful Western section over the long weekend. Spend the night at Sargent Brook tentsite (not much for water there....and it's only May!!) Sunday River Whitecap was the highlight, 360 degree views and the perfect day! New campsite was put in (Bull Run campsite) 1.9 from Old Speck summit and 1.1 from Slide Mtn. campsite. Didn't see 1 other person for the whole 17.5miles

Neighbor and Chickety