View Full Version : Burnt Jacket Mountain (Greenville Area) - 6/11/2010

06-14-2010, 10:16 PM
Climbed this small mountain on Friday the 11th of June. Took the "green trail" off Allagash Rd. We were expecting open ledge views from the summit based on a 2007 North Woods Maine hiking guidebook we purchased, but everything has grown in. What's left isn't very much - just one or two narrow views between giant trees. The trail is semi-difficult to follow at times too, and it could really use some maintenance. It's a bit challenging just to find here the trail starts from the unmarked parking area.

There is a canister on the summit and we were the first visitors in 2 weeks.

Visit soon if you want any sort of view, cause the trees are growing in real fast. Plus, there's a gazillion homes going to be built in the Moosehead area soon (a tragedy on such a beautiful and mostly undeveloped lake, but whatever).