View Full Version : North Kennebago Divide

06-21-2010, 06:37 PM
Attempted this one last year when we did White Cap, we came down to low from the col when we headed to NKD peak. We ended up crawling on are stomach's before we aborted the hike :eek:
This time we went back up to the col where the herd path starts in to NKD. It wasn't a whole lot better, but we did push are way through the thick spruse all the way to the glass jar canister :D

The logging roads in where typical, dodging rocks sticking up in the middle, some spray painted red, nothing to bad until 3/4 of the way in (15 miles)there is a wash out where they put a pipe in, you might bottom out if you don't have a high clearence. But there was a Ford Focus (Mass plates) parked next to are F150 4x4 at the base of White Cap and NKD when we finished.

Equipment needed: Bug spray, long sleeves and pants, eye protection?