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09-21-2004, 09:56 AM
Folks are always looking for lodging recommendations while hiking up north- I’ve posted a few myself, & the feedback & info I received was always helpful in picking a place. One of the places that was recommended and got really good reviews is Cobble Mountain Cabins in Lake Placid. We stayed up there this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised and promised the owner I’d put out a good word for him. I don’t think he needs the business tho as the place is always booked. Apparently he’s done a lot of remodeling over the past year and it shows. Almost all the cabins have been redone, except for a few in the back. We stayed in cabin #9, which had a king size bed, medium size frig, microwave, portable electric cook top, TV, phone (couldn’t figure out how to dial out tho!), small table & chairs, kitchen sink and a newly remodeled bathroom (new tub/shower combo). The exteriors and interiors are done “Adirondack style” with pine and oak headboards (makes the rooms smell nice too!). Our cabin was clean and everything was new and in good shape. The only thing it lacked was some extra shelving to put stuff on like in the bathroom or main room for clothes etc. Not a big deal for 1-2 nights but if I was staying a week it would be nice to have some places to put clothes and toiletries. (Is that too girly??) We also looked at a few of the other cabins and rooms: cabin #15, which is upstairs and noted as having a great view. Although this is pushing it a bit (the view is out a side window) the room itself is nice but in one end of the shower you are limited to maybe 3.5’ tall (ceiling is slanted)! Most of the other cabins are similar to #9, some have a smaller main bed but add a set of bunk beds, some may have more in the way of a kitchen area. Of course the nicest was the “suite”. This has 2 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 people. It has a full size kitchen, dishwasher, gas fireplace, better quality TV. Etc etc. Very nice! The “rooms” which run $55 per night were clean but not nearly as nice as the cabins. I don’t know if he has plans to remodel the interiors of them, I have a feeling, based on what I saw, that he is. They have the dark paneling popular in the 60’s and older frigs, stand up showers etc. Not nearly as nice as the cabins but for $55 per night I would chose them vs. some of the other places in the same price range. He also has built a small sauna for guests to use. The cabins are close together with a small parking spot between each one (we didn't have any issues with this and it was very quiet). Note: these cabins do not sit on a lot of land, so don't expect wide open vistas and a lot of grassy area to hang out on or picnic on. The grounds unfortunately are paying the price for all the remodeling although I’m sure once all the work is completed, the owner will fix them up nicely. In all, I just wanted to recommend the place. The prices are definitely right and the accommodations are nicer than other places for the same price and more. We will definitely be going back.

09-21-2004, 02:33 PM
Yeah, don't ya love the white birch lamps?