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06-30-2010, 08:14 PM
north brother via marston trail
date hiked 6 27 2010
started at trail head at 9 a.m. some bugs on bottom and needed bug dope. lots of birds for the first hour in. much moose signs at about 2400 feet. seen 2 gray jays but these were not accustomed to being around humans. grouse also. trail is narrow in spots with 3 areas of steep accent. boulder steps toward peak. fine views when trail rises above pond and great views at summit. black flies up top, needed to stay on the windy side to avoid them. took a nice relaxing lunch at top. could of used some light gloves to hold on to firs as hand holds on way down. this trail is more freindly on a dry day. slick rocks and roots if wet. back to truck at 5, all of us in 1 piece.