View Full Version : Redington & Crockers 7-3-10

07-08-2010, 02:30 PM
I 'whacked' to the summit of Redington, via the standard route. Don't know why anyone would ever call this a bushwhack. There is an excellent trail the entire way, wide and marked with cairns. I parked near the AT Crossing, and headed up the logging road following the cairns to tell me where to turn. The Trail is fantastic to the summit. There is also a great bushwhacking trail over to South Crocker. It is flagged on your way to the summit of Reddington from the North. I hit the col between Redington and S. Crocker no problem and then followed a trail down from the col and over toward Crocker. At this point, I was fearful the trail was a moose trail heading down a clearcut, so I decided to make my own way to the summit of S. Crocker. BIG MISTAKE. The Spruce was so thick in areas I literally had to pry apart trees to get through. All the while making sure my dog could make it as well. Took an hour to do about half a mile, but made it to the summit (ultimately re-joining the heard path near the top.) Popped over to N. Crocker and then headed back down the AT to the Car. Forgot exactly how steep the descent of S. Crocker is on the AT. Have only climbed it before... WOW.. Great day. Beautiful weather. Also, a nice spring before you begin the real climb on Redington. Cooled both me and the dog off nicely on a hot day.