View Full Version : Bemis Mtn via AT and Bemis Stream

07-27-2010, 09:19 AM
Date of Hike: 26 July 2010

Trail Conditions: Mostly dry trail. Some muddy spots but most easily negotiated on stones or logs. Two blowdowns on Bemis Stream Trail, one was a crawl-under, the other a step-over. Most water crossings very easy. Only tricky one was on Bemis Stream crossing a deadwater, stepping stone surrounded by knee deep (or deeper) water was wobbly and a bit of a stretch to step across.

Special Equipment Required: Nothing unusual, poles and low gaiters were handy for mud/water crossings.

Comments: Optional - There is no longer a view from the summit of Bemis unless you are abnormally tall. Great views lower down on the AT, especially north of the shelter.

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