View Full Version : Caribou Mtn in Evans Notch 8/7/10

08-07-2010, 05:01 PM
Ascended via Mud Brook Trail, no one around except tons of busy spider webs! Trail is muddy in some spots but otherwise OK, very few blowdowns. Trees and bushes seem to be in dire need of trimming as they are crowding the trails in some spots. I hope to bring clippers on my next trip.

Since there was no one around to help clear the thick webs, I decided to descend the same way. Saw 3 people on my descent. About six cars in the lot, they must have all gone up Caribou Trail.

Cool at the summit, actually put on my winter hat! Trail is easy to follow. Yellow blazes are barely visible on the rocks but there are some cairns here and there. Short gaiters would have been helpful in keeping leaves and twigs out of my boots. Very shallow stream crossings on this trail, no issues at all.

Great day!