View Full Version : Bay Circuit Trail - Route 114, Middleton to High Plain Road, Andover

09-05-2010, 07:52 AM
Walked this 14 or 15 mile portion of the Bay Circuit Trail (BCT) with a friend and his dog yesterday. We used a car spot (of course). We both enjoyed the variety of this trail and saw almost nobody all day. It was our first time following any part of this 200-mile trail.

No mud anywhere today, but there are a few sections that are probably nasty in early Spring. Trail was very easy to follow for 95% of this section, as white trail markers were intelligently located almost every time you needed one. However, I do advise that you still print out the free trail descriptions & maps contained on the Bay Circuit Trail website as there were two or three spots where another marker would have been helpful. However, the odds of getting lost are minimal as we found the trail after 30 seconds of looking around those 2 or 3 times we got temporarily confused.

The only place that was moderately confusing was a cemetery in Andover. The trail description was a little bit lacking there (all it says is enter & exit the cemetery, but there a lot of roads in there), but it was easy enough to find our way back onto the trail upon exiting the cemetery.

Dogs were welcome on all portions of this section except for the cemetery. Bring a street map if you'd like to do this section of the BCT but need to skip the cemetery.

Hoping to continue more portions of this trail soon!