View Full Version : Greylock 9/29/10

09-29-2010, 10:05 PM
We started at the Bellows Pipe Trail gate, up to the AT, over to the summit, back down the AT and down the Bernard Farm Trail. This was my first hike in Mass, and coming from a 'Dack background the trails were quite dry and less rugged than what what I've been used to. The trail from the leen-to up to the AT still throws some hefty elevation gain at you, but overall this hike was quite enjoyable. The weather was great and the views were pretty good for miles.
The Bellows Pipe trail was very easy to follow, even though it lacked any real markers, just a well worn road/trail. The AT of course was easy to stick to, but Bernard farm trail from the start at the AT to where you level out is pretty much a herd path, that has blazes on trees marking the way. You just need to make sure your looking for them. Minimal blowdown on the two access trails and any bridges or planks were in good shape.
No special gear needed, except a camera. :)