View Full Version : Monoosnoc Trail 10-10-10

10-14-2010, 06:34 AM
End-to-end and back just for the fun of it (and training for other trips). Some online sites claim this is 11 miles end-to-end and I have seen as low as 6 miles cited. I would guess 9 miles based upon my hiking time.

The trail is well marked, except oddly, at the end at near the Samoset School. The Blue blazes were easy to follow across the Powerline Right of Way and then skirting the start of the farm. The thicket was very thick for a short span (100 yards or so) just before the Pleasant St crossing. Where I usually can push through the prickers without caring too much, these really grabbed on and cut deep (nothing dangerous). A path through part of the fram may have skirted this area, but I did not want to go off trail (The farm is open to the public). So plan to go around, wear pricker proof shirts or bring a pair of clippers.

The foliage is prime in the area (for now) and the trail was dry and easy to follow all the way to the Route 2 end. Footing was good and the trail was free of blowdowns.