View Full Version : Metacomet Tr Vet's Day 11/11/10 Bradley Mtn Plainville to Southington

11-11-2010, 04:07 PM
Comments: Trail Relo as of Aug '09 does lengthen the trail a bit and does take you out of higher traffic and lets you get more elevation gain in the woods. However, by taking this route you miss the best overlook of the trip -- a money shot S with views of Plainville Reservoir, West Mtn, Hanging Hills, Ragged Mtn, Sleeping Giant with no houses or industry. I hiked south from Rte 372 on relo trail to Rogers Orchard in Southington and then came back by the old trail which now has a blue blaze with red swath on bottom. Old trail meets Ledge Road which runs to White Oak over to Crooked St and back to 372. I would recommend anyone on this stretch who is doing a round trip to take both the relo and old sections.

Special Equipment Required: Camera. I forgot mine and took subpar shots with cellphone camera. Perfect hiking weather 45 to 55 degrees, absolutely clear and little wind. Hard to always find footing on downhills with so many leaves. I always wonder how trail runners don't kill themselves.

MrMark (BlueBlazer)