View Full Version : Greylock via Gould Trail->AT 11/20/10

Jay H
11-20-2010, 07:28 PM
Trail from Gould road is in good shape, a bit confusing with the blaze soup and a bunch of very big blowdown, some looking somewhat recent.

A bunch of us took the AT from whence the Gould trail meets the road from the south which has some spots of ice, but no traction aids needed. The road is still open and it is currently bow season.

Bascom and the tower are closed but the t-bolt shelter is open and inviting.

We took the Thunderbolt ski trail down to the Bellow's Pipe extension to finish the loop. The t-bolt ski trail is wet, muddy, steep and somewhat slippery.


11-21-2010, 10:10 AM
Wanted to thank Jay and a group of very social NE doghikers for joining the YMCA group I led on the Greylock hike. The Y group went up and down the Gould trail as I was concerned that the Thunderbolt might be too steep for some of the more inexperienced hikers.
Hiking with Jay is 'old hat', but very nice to make the acquaintance of doghikers and well behaved pooches who added so much to the trip and for the wonderful homebaked cupcakes passed around in the summit shelter.
Just an outstanding group of people all around.
My apologies to the New Englanders for our delay in getting to the trailhead. I hadn't been up Greylock from the east and I got our cars lost getting there.
Thanks for waiting for us.
We'll get some photos posted soon.