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01-19-2011, 10:57 AM
I have seen various references to this group lately. They reportedly own land in Berlin and North Conway


Here is an article on the project from AMC


I looked on Google Earth and using the description that it is bounded by Mt Forist and Mt Jericho, the obvious parcel looks pretty cut over. I would be curious on how they will deal with zoning and building permits in Berlin for structures and the potential loss of current use status. Over the years there have been a couple of parcels in this area that were for sale at a pretty low cost as they had no deeded access from a public road.

Nevetheless its an interesting project for those who want to go play in the woods.

01-19-2011, 01:24 PM
Interesting, thanks for posting. It looks close to Jericho Mt. State Park. Are the trails in Jericho Mt. State Park mostly snowmobiling in winter ? What about summer, ATV ?

01-19-2011, 02:59 PM
Chip, heres a link to info on Jericho Mountain State Park which apparently abuts this property to the north.


Currently the focus at Jericho is on ATV trails and snowmachine trails. The state really didnt budget to do the build out of the facilities. The area is heavilly cut over with not much standing timber. The logging roads will make good ATV trails and I expect it will be infested with moose and deer as it gorws back. The main access is from RT 110, where there is a ATV dealer and a snack stand plus a big parking lot. The state is trying to get a private vendor to build and manage a campground at Jericho Lake which is a fairly large manmade lake. Eventually they want to have a remote campsite that is accessible only by ATV. Although mountain bikes and backcountry skiers are welcome, the focus is currently on ATV's. It has been good for the area to date as the ATV crowd it attracts is similiar to the snowmachine crowd which tends to contribute a lot more money to the local economy with motel rentals and restaurant visits. Not my "cup of tea" but if it brings people and money into a town that desperately needs it there is plenty of room for multiple use.

Becca M
01-19-2011, 05:25 PM
I'm trying to think of when this place (Jericho Mtn) opened - it's been a few years. I wonder how much use it gets... regardless, I think it makes a lot of economic (and recreational sense) to have places to *legally* use ATV's!!!!

01-19-2011, 07:25 PM
Most of the park is heavily cut over, and on many hillsides it is hard to keep snow on the multi-use trails. Nonetheless many areas have had good regeneration post TR Dillon logging, thus fantastic habitat for snowshoe hare and cats, I see tracks all the time on the snowmachine trails. Even more so this habitat is crawling with Moose, I saw at least 10 today in a 4 mile stretch.

Even though much is clear cut, there are quite a few pockets of neat early softwood regrowth. Many locals like to do a winter or summer loop over the man made dam- fantastic view of the Kilkenny Range and Black Crescent Mt. Turn right at the far side of the dam and follow the groomed trail over Jericho Brook. Turn right at the next groomed trail junction and follow PT 109, and you will pass a low dike for flood control. There is an interesting beaver bog on the other side of the dike that is actually part of an extensive wetland all the way to Kilkenny Loop Rd. At the next groomed trail junction turn right again towards "Jericho Parking", and you will come back to the lake and the snowmobile parking lot. It would be a nice ski but the snowmachines can be a bit threatening and fresh air choking, although today I saw no machines between 8 and 11 am in this general area. Just go mid week, non holiday, and before the local school kids get out.

Trails Bureau is currently building a visitor center at the park with most of the construction being performed by the Berlin High School trades program.

There are quite a few more must sees in the park, but I would have to write too much. Scenic View, the waterfall gorge...