View Full Version : Goose Eye

02-18-2011, 08:15 PM
Broke out the Goose Eye Trail this afternoon. There may have been tracks underneath all that snow but it didn't really prove an advantage. Pretty much mash potatoes for the duration. Between 2" and 2 Feet. Snowshoes up and back. Brought stablicers AND Crampons but they stayed put. Weather started out mostly cloudy with a couple passing showers. By the time I summited at 3:03PM the clouds were on the move and 5 minutes later the skies mostly were clear. Windy but warm. Snow was soft. Trail is tracked but not entirely packed.
Success Pond Road a soupy mess but the Honda proved effective at swimming through the slush.
PS...drove past the trailhead just a tad for better parking and followed a camp road into the woods towards where the trail would intersect and whacked until I crossed it...not far, couple hundred yards...
3.5 hrs in, 1.75 hrs on the return. Back to the car by 4:58PM
52F Gorham at 6PM!