View Full Version : Spaulding 3/12/11

03-13-2011, 09:15 AM
Hike over to Spaulding from Sugarloaf. Used West Mountain chair trail to Timberline then below summit of Sugarloaf we crossed to the Sugarloaf Spur trail. Trail blazes mostly obscured due to deep snow, though the going was relatively easy, deep but firm snowpack. Summit area of the 'loaf was fog shrouded but we did manage to get a few moments of sun as we descended to AT junction. The walk to Spaulding was pleasant. stopped for a beer during moment of sunny skies. Trail to Spaulding was mostly easy to follow with area of meandering in between.
Snowshoes the whole way.
I need to mention this last piece only as a warning to those that may follow behind...we were confronted by Ski patrol and told by them that access to the spur trail from Sugarloaf property was not permitted. Basically because skiers that get lost going our of bounds have cause the S&R folks headaches.
Trying to explain that we were not THOSE kinds of folks was useless. So we continued our hike to 'Sugarloaf' and took a detour - and somehow ended up on Spaulding! so just play it cool when you head to 'Sugarloaf'. I dunno, not encouraging people to 'break da rules' but the rules seemed arbitrary and random.