View Full Version : Cheshire Harbor Trail & Rockwell Road on Mt. Greylock - 4/23/2011

Mike P.
04-25-2011, 07:29 PM
Date of Hike: 04/23/2011

Trail Conditions:Wet down low to wet & muddy at the brook crossing over the bridge, it was muddy, slushy and wet with some rotten monorail, slush possible due to ice & the light snow from the AM falling off the trees.

Special Equipment Required: waterproof boots & if you start at 3:30 with hopes of getting to the summit & back by nightfall, a headlamp

Comments: Optional - Had the headlamp all morning & when I got home, it was right where I left it. Had enough time but getting to the top wasn't important today. Advance scouting in prepartion for a mid-May Cub Scout trip. By then, the snow should be gone.

Mike P.