View Full Version : Red Rock Mtn & Butters Mtn via Trails (Miles Notch; Red Rock; Great Brook): 12May2011

05-13-2011, 05:57 PM
This was an enjoyable 10.3 mile loop which was hiked in a counterclockwise manner. The trails involved were the Miles Notch Trail, Red Rock Trail, and Great Brook Trail.

It should be noted that the sign is missing at the trailhead for the Miles Notch Trail. This trail begins directly opposite a small grassy parking area. The trailhead for the Great Brook Trail is a few hundred feet farther down on Hut Road. The trailhead sign for that trail is NOT missing!

Trail Conditions: It is difficult for me to come up with an effective way of providing a detailed description of the trail conditions encountered during this hike. We completed the hike, and thus it's obviously possible to traverse the trails named above! However, it should be said that there are several places where the trail corridor is not well-defined and is difficult to follow. Also, each of the trails have blowdowns, plus some segments that are very overgrown. And, since large portions of this loop are in a Wilderness area, blazing is prohibited which presents some challenges when the trail corridor is ill-defined.

There was a wide-range of conditions encountered along the treadway. There were large segments of dry trail, some occasional muddy spots, and even a few lingering patches of snow here and there. There were no issues with any of the brook crossings.

Some photos taken during this hike are contained at my BLOG (http://1happyhiker.blogspot.com/2011/05/preliminary-report-loop-hike-in-caribou.html).