View Full Version : Mt. Race via Race Brook Falls and AT

06-27-2011, 07:21 PM
Date hiked 6/26/11
Trail conditions: muddy, slick rocks, overgrowth. For such a popular and beautiful area, it seems basic trail maintenance is neglected. The Race Brook Trail remains notoriously hard to follow. It seems the upper part of the trail has been rerouted through the Race Brook campsite area and it still needs work to make it more obvious, and drainage on the new section could be improved in spots. The RBT is a trail that families are using as an alternative to the far too popular Undermountain Trail, as well as to see the falls, and I believe it should be better marked overall. False trails are all over the place. I do not know why a bridge has not been installed at the lower crossing
As for the Race Mountain section of the AT--seems there is no maintainer. I walk this section every year, and the vegetation grows in more and more and there is no effort to clip it back. The footway cannot even be seen in spots. This is not a wilderness trail, it is a National Scenic Trail and let's treat it like one. The mud is bad enough--there are spots that are crying for boardwalk or log bridges
--Bill J