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07-12-2011, 06:58 AM
Sunday was the day. I was invited to join a friend of mine to hike to Owl's Head. BTW we are still friends after this hike. We met a guy in the parking lot at Lincoln Woods and asked him to join us. His group was not to be found.

We went up to Black Pond and did a bushwhack to the Lincoln Brook Trail and then on up to the slide. The slide is still steep. I was sort of hopeing it had flattened out a bit.

So off we went to the old top and then on to the new top. At the new top we met a couple that completed their NE 4000ers. I am not sure how or why someone saves Owl's Head for the finish. Anyway it is still impressive to finish.

On the way down the slide we encountered someone in big trouble. Since the was no cell service we set up a plan to notify the Fish and Game. One guy went up and another guy went out. The person was in the hands of an EMT. Somehow the word got out as we met a Conservation Officer coming in three hours later. The good news is the person was able to move and actually helped themself get off the slide and down the trail. I was told she is doing fine.

I thought about this the rest of the day as it could have been very bad with different weather conditions or if she could not walk.

After doing this hike as a favor my friend owes me a beer.