View Full Version : Saddleback Range, Spaulding, Abraham - July 13, 14

07-15-2011, 04:50 AM
Saddleback Range, Spaulding, Abraham via AT, Firewarden's Tr; July 13, 14

July 13 - Saddleback Range between Perham Stream and Maine 4. Strenuous hike - section between Orbeton Stream and sag between The Horn and Saddlback Jr similar to Mahoosuc Arm in root and rock treadway. Distance from Maine 4 to the flanks of Saddleback Jr much nicer treadway.

Entire length is well marked, clear, signed. Trail crews are on top of their game.

July 14 - Perham Stream to Spaulding, then back to Mt Abraham Trail, descend to car along Mt Abraham Firewarden's Trail. Honey of a trail from Perham Stream to top of Spaulding and also up to the talus and felsenmeer (sp ?) on Abraham. Well blazed, signed, and cleared of any obstruction.

Firewarden's Trail down to Kingfield could use a sign at the top of Abe pointing to it. Clear from compass direction what set of cairs were the correct trail. Small but numerous cairns and obvious treadway were easy to follow. Once the woods are gained, blue blazes are fresh. Extensive relocations are currently moving sections of the trail to find a drier route.

No need either day for DEET, poles helpful for aging knees.

Susan of the Stratton Motel can get you into the most remote areas of the trail! (The last two bridges on the road into the Firewarden's Trail CAN be traversed in a Subaru. If you are descending this trail without having climbed up it, be aware that the first logging road you come to is NOT the immediate route to parking - wait until the end of the trail.

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