View Full Version : AT - Riga Shelter to MA border, 7/24/11

07-25-2011, 10:48 AM
Hiked up the fire road from Mt. Washington Rd. about .2 miles south of the MA border (trail may be called Bear Mt. Trail? - a little confusing). Caught the AT and headed south to Riga Shelter. Turned back and headed north over Bear Mt. down to Sages Ravine to the MA border sign. Then headed south and out past the AMC Northwest Cabin via the trail that junctions just south of the Paradise Lane jct. (couldn't find a name). Then we road walked the 0.2 miles to the car.

Sporadic rain made a slippery mess of the rocks and roots (and shelter stairs - ouch!:eek:), especially going down the north side of Bear Mt. and the ravine. Probably will dry up in a day. Brassie Brook and Sages are running well, Ball Brook a little weak, but can still get water.

Special equipment: A robust vehicle to get up Mt. Riga/Washington Rd. (the Corolla was a champ!:)) The way up through 41 and over through MA is longer, but I think it's shorter than attempting the dirt road.