View Full Version : South and North Crocker via the AT August 19

08-21-2011, 09:02 PM
Rain the night before left some parts of the trail wet. Hazy skies with warm temps and high humidity.

Moderate hike until the second mile, then trail steepened with a short trek up a slide (nice views). Found the herd path to Mt. Redington near the overlook on South Crocker summit but decided to save Redington for another day. Hike over to North Crocker was short (and a bit buggy).

Comments: We did this hike as an 8 mile traverse from the AT crossing on Caribou Valley Road (CVR) to the AT crossing on Route 27 east of Stratton. The AT crossing on CVR is easy to find if you are looking for it. The same goes for the entrance to CVR on Route 27 (about 1.6 miles from where the AT crosses Route 27).

Two miles in on the Caribou Valley Road (Caribou Pond Road), the road becomes iffy for vehicles with low clearance. We took the shuttle (Land Rover) from Stratton Motel to as-far-as-she-could down the CVR (to about 2/10 of a mile from the AT crossing). This was particularly convenient for a traverse; she picked us up where we left our car (Route 27 crossing).

Met Cardshark the day before when he and his group were coming off of their Crocker hike.

Talking with the many AT thru-hikers on the trail reignited the hiking fantasies of these three 9 to 5'ers.