View Full Version : Mattabassett, Massa Road & Tynan Park trail to Mt. Higby

Mike P.
10-18-2011, 10:43 PM
Date of Hike: 10/15/2011

Trail Conditions:a bit muddy, traditional trap rock trail in spots & wet plus a brook crossing that while shallow & slow, didn't really have any place to rock hop. Could have jumped it but my eight year old couldn't in his good sneakers so I took one to keep the peace at home.....;)

Special Equipment Required: none

Comments: Optional - on top of the wet feet, I also took a header when I got a stick caught in the laces which sent me down, no injuries other than my pride & my son's trust when I said I'd carry him across the brook on the way back.

Starting from Tynan Memorial Park made for a very diverse hike; fields, hemlock, open hardwood forest to an open view. (over a sand & gravel quarry & I-91:o) With just the two of us, we were quiet enough to see a deer, when we go back with the scouts, that likely won't happen.

Mike & Nicholas P.